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Five wealthy guys met one fortunate day and compared notes on how they got wealthy. All five young men were worth over a million dollars and commanded great influence to go with it.

The conversation that ensued the evening of their meeting was the beginning of a venture into what will become the perfection to institutional level, of the art of wealth and influence building. They discovered a common technique, a secret that only the wealthy appeared to possess, basic principles and behaviors that could be clearly defined.

Some days later, one of the five gentlemen called each of the other five with an idea he had,

If indeed the methods we discovered seemed to be solid wealth and influence building techniques, there are two ways to test this – 1. we find if we can discover these hidden guidelines in society and history.

And the second, more revolting method…. (“oh no, you won’t,” one cut in) is for us to dare to put all our wealth aside, pick a new territory and see if we can build it again.

The five men, picked the challenge.

A year later, they met again, four of the five had again built over 1 million dollars in assets and fluid wealth. The fifth was pretty close. A death in his family, he stated had halted his endeavor for some time.

What did these five men discover?

Is there actually a formula, a technique to improve your financial conditions tremendously?

Are there secrets the wealthy possess and utilize to remain seamlessly at the top?

The five young men, led by an ambitious one of them, decided to perfect what they had discovered. Employing the services of proficient scientists and economists, they researched into various material and carefully put together the first of its kind, curriculum of wealth building.

Rather than give people fish, the desire was to teach people how to fish.

This is the history of the World Wealth Society. An academy of Wealth Building. The one year program gives students very powerful simple tools and secrets of wealth building and keeping that are revolutionary and can’t be found any where else.

The World Wealth Society, carries its guarantee of excellence.

Two packages are sold, Gold version which costs $279.00 and has a $49.00 monthly re-bill for membership in this academy and society for a period of one year.

And the $479.00 Platinum version, which provides members with exclusive contacts and communications for a more empowered wealth building development. This comes with a recurring membership fee of $99.00 per month for 12 months.


This is the one year of school that you really want to attend.

Content preview: Emanate Brilliance

That’s it, we will see you on the inside.

-Mr. Optimistic